Incredible apartment for sale in Saranda Manastiri

Area: 103.80

Price: 373.680 €

Main features

Private, luxurious, with an astonishing attention to detail, the apartments create a perfect home, or vacation hideout. Using warm colors, combined with natural stone, surrounded by the lush vegetation the apartments present you with comfort, intimacy and elegance.
Offering a variety of choices for your perfect little paradise, these apartments inspire you to live a life full of beauty, desires and relaxation.

Located in a closed bay between two hill formations, it stretches between Lake Butrint and the Ionian Sea, 7 km away from the center of Saranda and 5 km from the center of Ksamil. A complex projected like a city which has integrated a promenade, the beach, a wine shop, bars, restaurants, gelateria, sports clubs and safe parking spaces. The resort has a single entry point located on the main road where a typical entrance area is formed with a checkpoint and a visitor center with shaded waiting areas. It will also be equipped with a cable car (funicular) as a means to minimize the dependence of residents on private cars.

The complex will be stretched along the entire coastline of the bay, being integrated with the hilly terrain of the area.

This also makes it easier for the customers to choose the residence model that fits their needs.
The geographical position of the area, the tranquility, the privacy, the structure of the buildings and the construction standards that the resort offers are the main points that promote the values for the long term and safe investment.

Services and facilities

• Reception
• Cable car service to access the beach area
• Bars & Restaurants – pizzeria, cafe
• Vinoteca

• Gelateria
• Sports clubs – Space for tennis, basketball, gym
• Spa
• Parking
• Walking space


This beach got its name from the Saint George Manastiri that rises on the hill above. The bay where Manastiri beach is located is small, the bottom of the sea is rocky with crystal waters incomparable to other beaches. The beach lies south of the city of Saranda, about 5 km outside the city.

Manastiri Beach is separated from Lake Butrint only by a strip of land. On the hill above the beach, the Monastery of Saint George lies as a jewel.


The resort has a single entry point located on the main road where a typical entrance area is formed with a checkpoint and a visitor center with shaded waiting areas.

Parking Spaces for Visitors and Residents of Residences

A large visitor parking (50 cars) is strategically located near the entrance in order to accommodate all the needs of the clients.


A cable car (funicular) is the means to minimize the dependence of residents on private cars as well as for their internal movements and especially for the descent to the beach and the center of the Resort.

Architectural Landscape

The “Belvedere Garden” elements that cross the canyon create a beautiful walking experience for visitors. The main element used is the dry stone of the area as a decorative coating. The path is organically integrated with the beach that expands inland, paved with cobblestones.

The main piazza and the rock-based pool in direct contact with the regenerated beach area form a spectacular ensemble.
For its construction, a decorative product NOVAMIX is used, a combination of different colors with natural and aesthetic stones.

The seafront area is built with decorative wood imitative material that creates the impression of a wooden boat dock. So far, all the existing plants have been identified, especially the Agaves that are at the entrance part of the resort.

Mediterranean vegetation is the main decorative element of the resort, including climbing plants Pergola and Bougainvillea. Aromatic Laurel bushes (Laurus Nobbilis), Blueberry, Mare dominate in the upper area, in the highest quotas while Lavender Dentate, Rosmarinus, Agapanthus Blue, Ammophila Arenaria etc, dominate in the central area of the town.

Tennis Court

Lying on top of the hill, between the lush greenery of the area, the tennis court offers the extraordinary pleasure to all the guests who love the game, to play under the soft breeze of the seaside. Offering an amazing view and feeling, this will be the best tennis game you ever played.

Sport club

Created exclusively for the guests to create an unmatched pleasure for everyone who enjoys a sporty morning, afternoon or evening. Adapted spaces for different kinds of sports keeping in mind the wellness and entertainment of everyone who prefers an athletic enjoyment. This will be your sportive escape.

Butrinti National Park

The UNESCO heritage Butrinti National Park is one of the most popular touristic destinations in the south of Albania and it is located just behind Manastiri Resort making it easily accessible for all the guests.

Including a Sanctuary built above the water of Butrint, a Roman theater and Roman baths, a Baptistry and the remaining of a Basilica, and the Tower and Water gate all in the middle of a hilly terrain with freshwater lakes, salt marshes, open plains and reed beds with a rich flora and fauna.

Butrinti National Park is a place not to miss while traveling in the south and during your stay at Manastiri Resort.

High quality of construction – The project is being built with a high quality, with modern plans and design respecting the infrastructure of the area.

Predisposition in the future – Referring to the experience in the real estate market, it is predicted that there will be an increase in the price of properties every year, increasing the value of the property in a short period of time.

Organization – Think of the complex as a city which has integrated in the promenade, the beach, the wine shop, bars, restaurants, gelateria, sports clubs and safe parking spaces. Everything carefully organized and managed to ensure the perfect running of the work.

Payment modalities

Payment for the purchase of the property is made in 2 tranches. The buyer pays the first tranche of 90% of the investment value within 14 days of signing the notarial contract.  The second payment  10% is paid by the buyer after the investment is completed and the certificate is handed over.

The agency’s commission is 3% of the sale price of the property and  is payable upon signing the notarial contract.

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1St floor


Indoor:95 m2

Loggia: 8.80

Total area: 103.80 m2



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