Lolita Jorkiewitz

General Manager

00355 68 20 80 855

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German, French, English, Italian, Albanian

Anxhela Xhafa


00355 696570982

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English, Italian, Albanian

Harald Flatebo

Agent / Our representative In Norway


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Norwegian, English

Thorsten Mueller

Agent / Our representative In Germany


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German, English

Tomas Svoboda

Agent / Our representative In Czech Republic & Slovakia


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Czech, English

Alexander Starck

Agent / Our representative In Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden

+31 639809455

[email protected]
German, English, French, Dutch.

Skills Lolita Jorkiewitz

A lot of year experience after studying and after having a long living in Switzerland back in Albania, very appasionated about her birth place and making her best in showing and presenting the best of her country in foreign places, where she has been place.
A lot of years in real estate market, where she is able to help and is always ready to be by your side in making your journey through properties very easy and to negotiate in finding your best future home.

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