Green Pearl apartments with sea view for sale in Saranda

Area: 90.82-216.73

Price: 102.823-250.000 €

Main features

Apartment 103 (1+1)

Size: 43.63 m2

Terrace:63.39 m2

Common area: 18.15 m2

Total size: 125.17 m2

Price:102.823 €

Apartment 201 (1+1)

Size:45.52 m2

Balcony size: 34.72 m2

Common area:13.61 m2

Total size: 93.85 m2

Price: 114.735€

Apartment 203 (1+1)

Size:43.63 m2

Balcony size: 34.02 m2

Common area:13.17 m2

Total size:90.82m2

Price:110.715 €

Apartment 303 (1+1)

Size:43.63 m2

Balcony size: 34.02 m2

Common area: 13.17 m2

Total size:90.82 m2

Price.118.096 €

Penthouse: 401 (2+1)

Size:66.66 m2

Balcony size: 43.40 m2

Rooftop:88 m2

Common area:18.67 m2

Total size: 216.73 m2

Price: 250.000 €

Penthouse 402 (2+1)

Size:64.07 m2

Balcony size: 40.71 m2

Rooftop:88 m2

Common area:17.77 m2

Total size: 210.55 m2

Price: 245.000 €


More info

Payment for the purchase of real estate, including the division into individual premises, is made in tranches. The buyer pays the first tranche of 70% of the investment value within 14 days of signing the notarial contract.  The second payment of 25% of the price is made when the keys to the finished apartment are handed over. The remaining 5% is paid by the buyer after the investment is completed and the certificate is handed over.

The agency’s commission is 3% of the sale price of the property.



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