Apartments for sale in San Pietro I Resort in Lalzy Bay

Price: 2500 €/m2

Main features

San Pietro Resort with an innovative concept combines residences and tourism, affects the development of the area and brings exactly what the area is missing: Elite Tourism. In a strategic location on the beach of Lalzy Bay, it is the largest project of its kind, not only in Albania but also in the Balkan region. Embraced by the beautiful, tall pines; stretching more than 30km, lies the gorgeous beach of San Pietro. This is where San Pietro Hotel and Residencies develops. Destined to be the place of relaxing and enjoying life! Designed to be luxurious and unique, the resort is 140,000 m² divided into 4 different types of villas, apartment blocks and a 5-star Hotel.

Type of villas: Elite villa, individual villa, semi attached villa, fourth-attached villa, palazzina 3 floors consisting of apartments.

The Palazzinas are 3 stories and offer spacious and functional apartments. They are positioned in the final rows of the Resort.

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The typology of the apartments varies: apartments organized 1 + 1 and 2+ 1.

All apartments have large balconies with the barbeque area included, where you can enjoy the beautiful views of the sea, pine trees and the resort.

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Price: 2500€/m2



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