Apartments and villas for sale in Marina Bay Saranda

Price: Upon request

Main features

Marina Bay Saranda in Saranda, is set on 205,418 sqm, situated in a tranquil and secluded peninsula with dramatic landscape of particular beauty that provides an ideal setting for a premier (5*) resort complex. Marina Bay Saranda project is a mixed-use, prime resort project comprising the
development of:
279 rooms hotel; 674 units to be constructed, beach club and restaurants.

Privileged mediteran location:
• A very privileged location in the most prime area of Saranda.
• Saranda is one of the most popular Albanian cities both with high-end tourists
and foreign holiday home buyers.

Unique & Exclusive, ultra luxury development:

• The development of the hotel includes apartments available-for-sale with a view to be leased-back to the hotel for inclusion in the inventory of the hotel.

• The residential element of the development provides additional flexibility in shareholder value creation.

• The Project has received significant interest from the majority of luxury-branded international hotel operators.

Key design objectives: Full integration of resort components into the natural landscape, uninterrupted sea views, harmonious use of traditional and local elements, restricted use of vehicles.


More info

Marina Bay Saranda, a beautiful project with a harmonious use of traditional and local elements, with uninterrupted sea views. The construction ends in 2028.

Villas: 25.000 m2

Apartments: 80.000 m2

100 villas

500 apartments

300 hotel rooms

50.000 m2 parking zone


– 10 % of the value when the project comes out

– 20 % when construction begins 2024

– 30 % in 2025

– 30 % – when constructions are at the end of the proces

– 10 % – when the buyer receive the keys




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