Amazing villa for sale in Dhermi South Albania: Reserved

Area: 650

Price: 360.000 €

Property ID: 1117

Main features


  • Size: 650m2
  • 2 Floor Villa
  • Big Garden with different trees
  • 1. Floor: 3 Studios with kitchen and balcony, sea view
  • 2. Floor: 1 bedroom apartment with kitchen, living room and big terrace, sea view
  • Furnished
  • Studio with kitchen and balcony, sea view
  • Garage
  • 1 km distance  from the sea
  • Situated in Dhermi


More info



The village of Dhërmi belongs to the municipality of Himarë, lying 42 kilometers south of the city of Vlorë and about the same distance north of Saranda, Albania’s southernmost city. Built on a slope of the Ceraunian Mountains, the original village stands at an altitude of approximately 200 meters. The mountains on which Dhërmi was built descend into the Ionian coast in the southwest, where visitors can enjoy a swim in the refreshing waters of a number of stunning beaches.

Dhërmi is famous for its nightlife, summer festivals, and booming hospitality industry. In recent years, its rocky coast and wild surroundings have been tamed by a proliferation of accommodations for all tastes, from fashionable boutique hotels, to wooden villa complexes.

A new promenade by the sea provides ample opportunities for romantic evening walks, and the nearby bars and restaurants are perfect for those wanting a taste of local and international cuisine.




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